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Animal Welfare through Empathy

Mylos Foundation aims to end stray animal suffering in India through a 5R strategy (Reduce Population, Rescue Always, Respond Fastest, Rehabilitate with comfort & Robust Regulations)

Mylos Rescue works to search for and rescue stray, injured or abandoned dogs and ensure their comfort in an animal shelter that provides health care, safety and, sometimes, a decent send-off. The idea is establishing a society free of stray animals so dogs have loving homes. They conduct regular vaccination, sterilisation and adoption drives to reach a desired goal. They are working to create guidelines for safe and effective containment, rehabilitation, and neutering of animals, and prevention of cruelty to strays as per Indian law. Volunteers are asked to help feed daily, and Mylos conducts campaigns to find rehabilitated dogs safe homes. They are expanding their shelter space to help more animals in the city. They also believe that it is a citizen’s duty on humanitarian grounds to ensure stray animals are healthy, comfortable, safe and free of pain or abuse.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Working to bring humanitarian and justice approaches to stray animals as part of urban law and intervention
  • Working at scale to manage the population, safety, and health of stray animals in conjunction with civil society, the state and public support
  • Bringing operational knowledge for citizens to view animals in urban environments as a responsibility and not a liability through information toolkits


Mylos Rescue


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