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Nature Conservation Foundation

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NCF works in a range of wildlife habitats—from coral reefs and tropical rainforests to the high mountains of the Himalaya. Their interest areas include understanding the survival needs of endangered species such as snow leopards and elephants, as well as equally fascinating but lesser-known wildlife such as corals and spiders. NCF’s research also addresses human resource use and its impacts on wild species and ecosystems. Using this knowledge of wildlife ecology and human society, NCF designs conservation strategies that are locally appropriate. These are implemented in collaboration with local communities who depend the most on natural resources, and the governments that manage them. While promoting wildlife conservation, NCF’s programmes also strive to safeguard livelihood and development options for local communities.

What excites us about their work:

  • Combines high-quality academic research with real-world application on community-led conservation issues
  • Improves capacity of local governments and communities to manage ecological resources by bringing greater data and visibility to issues
  • Highly localized in its approach – taking up specific and niche problems faced by vulnerable and distant communities that do not receive attention by other institutions


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