People for Animals

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Care for Urban Wild Animals

People for Animals works to provide timely, specialised veterinary care to injured urban wild animals to rehabilitate them and release them into their natural or adoptive habitats. Their work includes creating awareness among citizens of the city about urban wildlife through community outreach and education. They respond to rescue calls with trained rescuers, using sophisticated equipment for surgeries, and conducting the planned rehabilitation and release of animals. They reintegrate displaced animals through behavioural and environmental cues, using the efforts of veterinarians, ethologists and caregivers. Their educational campaigns focus on raising awareness of developmental processes that harm animals, and helping citizens understand how the imbalance of food chains affects animals.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • They work in tandem with citizens and the state to respond to rescues in urban scenarios, using specialised skills and expertise to respond to the nature of the problem
  • Rescue animals all around periurban environments and ensure their rehabiiltation and safety after the initial crises
  • Work with law enforcement bodies to ensure endangered, migratory or smuggled species are taken care of
  • Work with children through educational programmes to sensitise them to ecological knowledge and the needs to be responsible for wildlife and sustainable lifestyle choices


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