Pooja Rathod (Nature in Focus)

Past Grantee |


Your window to the natural world

Pooja Rathod is a marine biologist turned wildlife filmmaker with a deep interest in natural history documentation of marine and terrestrial life. She is trained in wildlife biology and conservation and brings this knowledge to filming wildlife. She curate and disseminates information about India’s wild spaces by using photography as a tool to make conservation conversations accessible to everyone. One of her initiatives is ‘Know Your Fish’ which promotes sustainable seafood consumption and helped create a seafood calendar. She has worked on the camera for several films and documentaries in rainforests, grasslands, high mountains and coral reefs.

Why she is the right choice for others:

  • Using a deep knowledge of ecosystems to the narratives of images in her photography for building conversations on various locales
  • Documenting and building a strong base of information on seafood to inform sustainable eating in the Indian ecosystem
  • Working across scales from popular documentaries to smaller endeavours to document wildlife and plants using different lens modalities


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