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Catalysing citizen power

PRS Legislative is an independent research institute working to make legislative processes better informed, more transparent and participatory. In India, legislators who make laws on behalf of citizens and allocate public funds to national priorities, are not provided with research personnel. PRS bridges this gap by providing high quality independent research to help legislators understand the details of various issues and use data and evidence to judge the implications of various policy alternatives. PRS also provides information on the work of MPs and the Parliament to citizens in accessible formats, partnering with media and civil society groups to be more effective on engaging citizens on various issues. Overall, PRS works to strengthen the legislatures, thereby democracy, and make the legislative process better informed.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Ensures that civil society and citizens, for whom the legislature works, have clear and accessible information on the laws that are made on various issues in Parliament, using various forms of narratives across media channels and social media platforms
  • Supporting the state actors in the legislatures with high quality research personnel for greater insight and rigour in the decision making process
  • Training young citizens to explore the policy and political space


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