Puttenahalli Lake

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People and lakes

Puttenhalli Lake is the smallest of 3 lakes in the JP Nagar area of South Bangalore. It is located in urban sprawl between apartments and was historically rainfed without other water sources, and a recorded area of 13 acres and more. Misuse by the public, sewage influx and encroachment nearly drove the lake to extinction. Over time, the restoration work with the planting of 400 trees has brought back birds, butterflies and creatures, and it is now a sanctuary in the middle of an urban jungle. The lake now has walking paths, toilets, exercise areas, rainwater harvesting units, and gazebos. The restoration was a citizens effort that went about a inclusive approach to public participation to make the lake a public open space, and the work included not only cleaning but ecologically restoring the area.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • Citizen led initiative that works without government intrusion to create an inclusive approach to conservation through public participation
  • An important example of conservation of local ecologies in an overwrough urban landscape of Bangalore
  • Creating a public use that nurtures environmental sensibilities and public spirit


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