Sanctuary Nature Foundation

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Abundance and stability

The Sanctuary Nature Foundation produces well-researched communications based in research and science on conservation projects, taking a holistic view of human, wildlife and climate issues. They publish print and digital editions of the Sanctuary Asia magazine, wildlife tourism guidebooks, and organise workshops, debates and festivals in the field of biodiversity, economics and climate change. The Sanctuary Nature Foundation network includes organisations and individuals across the globe with whom they work collaboratively on policy, advocacy and action. Sanctuary Asia magazine is a 40 year old magazine published monthly that includes the work of conservationists, naturalists, photographers, writers and editors from around India, focusing on a vision of a stable future and ecosystem with abundant biodiversity and sustainable climate.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Create science-based and informative storytelling in multimedia monthly that cultivates an appreciation for nature in children and adults, with a national network in print, online and in the media.
  • Using multiple narrative forms to talk of nature, wildlife, travel, health and conservation to a wide audience.
  • Collaborative work with policymakers, state level advocates and individual conservationists and scientists to create a platform of discourse.


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