The Real Elephant Collective

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The craft of conservation

The Real Elephant Collective talks about the coexistence of people and the environment through the story of elephants. As a socio environmental enterprise, it works on ideas, research, information and products, projects and events to understand elephants to raise and guide funds for conservation. As part of this work, they create art, make products, and disseminate stories about the coexistence of elephants and humans. One such product is making elephant figures out of Lantana (an invasive weed), which tours various parts of the country and world to raise money. This project, Coexist: Matriarchs for a Whole Earth, creates life-size Lantana prototypes of 100 real Asian elephants, raising awareness and excitement on the elephants. As umbrella species, they are important to protect for the landscape and other species, a metaphor for coexisting with other species in nature.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Using arts-based media to empower adivasi communities and communicate the need for empathy and conservation for umbrella species at a social level.
  • Using narratives as an important vehicle for messaging for social change attitudes in environmental conservation.


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