The Vidhi Center for Legal Policy

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An independent think-tank and research centre, it offers ideas for citizen participation
and access to justice for all. It creates better laws to improve governance for the shared public
good. Vidhi does this through high-quality, peer-reviewed original legal research; through
engaging with the Government of India, State governments and other public institutions to both
inform policy-making and effectively convert policy into law; and through strategic litigation
petitioning courts on important law and policy issues.

What excites us about their work:

  • Provides a channel for direct impact into policy making in the country.
  • Enables steady improvements in quality of legislation passed by legislators, affecting the lives of millions of Indians.
  • Long track record of legislative work being used and passed in state and central legislatures.
  • Works on creating good laws for sectors that range from the market, state and civil society through a combination of legal expertise, reforms, and advocacy.
  • Shapes the legality and accountability around IT platforms to account for the cross-border nature of the internet and complexities of market regulation.
  • Being actively engaged in making better laws for India and shaping the public narrative while doing so.


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