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Over the last few years, the Foundation has been working on competencies under Emotional Intelligence and Self-Esteem, recognising them as core areas that need to be worked upon among the Youth. With a vision of Equity and Social Justice, we have been concretely working with 'Children in Conflict with Law' over the past decade, developing comprehensive programs for their rehabilitation and reintegration into mainstream society.

The Yuva Ekta Foundation is a not-for-profit trust that works at the intersection of Youth and Governance, spanning a canvas that seeks to integrate young people from different socio-economic backgrounds, using the Expressive Arts.

The Yuva Ekta Foundation is a not-for-profit trust that works at the intersection of youth and governance, bringing young people from different socio-economic and geographic backgrounds into inclusive platforms that enable opportunities, sensitisation and participation as empowered citizens. They use expressive arts education with dance, music, and theatre as a tool for expression in youth without inhibition to engage in social issues. Their mission is to create a society of dignity and self-worth for citizens who need to be empowered to express themselves, irrespective of stereotypes. Their programmes create mutual support systems for senior citizens and young adults (‘Homecoming’), use expressive arts activities such as theatre, dance, puppetry and music to work with children in conflict with the law to foster self-respect and healing (‘Threads of Humanity’), and expressive arts and theatre for social justice and corporate training. During the pandemic, they organised the Indian chapter of ‘Conference of the Birds’, a participatory project inspired by a Sufi epic poem that tells the story of a conference of the birds in a time of existential crisis. This project included sharing stories and experiences of the pandemic to grow together and reflect on the times.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Using expressive arts and creative tools to build the emotional intelligence and self-esteem of children who have had difficulties in their social contexts
  • Making the arts relevant to young people from different socioeconomic backgrounds to express their emotional needs in a way not easily possible in everyday language
  • Conducting online and offline expressive arts, dance and theatre workshops to work with seniors, children and corporate scenarios in exploring storytelling as a way to connect


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