Waste Warriors Society

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Waste Warriors Society

A mission to clean up one mountain at a time

Waste Warriors are a not-for-profit and registered society based in Dharamshala, Dehradun, Corbett, and Rishikesh. The focus of their work is on developing sustainable solid waste management systems. This work is done via a combination of direct action, awareness-raising and community engagement through education and collaborations, conducted through decentralised initiatives. Through the use of innovative practices and replicable models, households and communities are engaged in waste collection and disposal. A key aspect of this work is to empower waste workers and improve their livelihoods and change the stigma around their work. Local advocacy focuses on encouraging behavioural change, in long-term collaborative partnerships with government bodies and civil societies.

What excites us about their work:

  • Integrated approach to creating change: working on behavioural change from the individual in the community through to municipal and government bodies.
  • Focus on livelihood development and destigmatisation of key sector in solid waste management.
  • Awareness and educational campaigns through direct action and training programmes for households, communities and waste workers
  • Impact on businesses in the area of best SWM practices and influence on tourism industry.


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