Opportunities for Philanthropy: Community Resilience and Climate Action

Apr 21, 2020


Key Questions

  • What are the influences of climate change and natural disasters on India?
  • How can we build disaster and climate resilience in India?
  • Who are the different stakeholders and what are their approaches to disaster and climate resilience?
  • What are some opportunities for philanthropies to support in climate change and disaster resilience?

Today, more than ever, we need ambitious, accelerated climate action that targets the most vulnerable. We need to start from the first mile, where the impact is felt most. We need approaches that enhance community resilience against the health, livelihood, and other shocks arising from climate change related disasters.

Tapping the experience, expertise and networks of those who have tested and scaled resilience strategies and enabling them to take the next step is one way to move forward. Across the country, disaster-prone communities have a wealth of knowledge and experience on what works for them. They need to be empowered to develop and drive strategies that can combat the impacts of disasters and climate change.

This paper showcases the diversity of actors and their approaches in advancing community resilience. The report also identifies opportunities for philanthropy, and collaborative action and provides 10 resilience building strategies that deliver practical gains for community networks, and shift institutional approaches to advance climate-compatible development aligned with community priorities.

Community Resilience: the Heart of Climate Action: Opportunities for Philanthropy [PDF]

Climate Adjucency_10


  • Philanthropies can enable communities and local governments to be more inclusive and self-reliant, more collaborative and much more prepared.
  • Philanthropies can strengthen health systems and initiatives engaging communities to improve climate change resilience.
  • Climate change resilience can be strategic and still elicit greater resilience at scale.