Fast Track Justice Needed

Dec 27, 2012


ET Exclusive with Yasmin Premji, Rohini Nilekani, Sudha Murthy “Fast Track justice needed”



00:00 Speaker 1: By the time when India Inc. Is struggling to rope-in more women in the workforce and also ensure their safety, the first wives of the industry, Yathleen Praymti, Sutha Munthi, and Drogani Lilicani, spoke exclusively to Ithinaust Laranganauchan on the ongoing protests of a crime against women, and also, what solutions can be offered to make it a safer world for at least half the global population. We get you an excerpt.

00:23 Speaker 2: Rather than the quantum of punishment, I think it’s the immediacy. I think there should be a fast court summons. Instead of one month, I would say within two months action must be taken. I feel the punishment should be harsh and higher degree, so that people should get scared. Of course they will take care of their safety first. And in case somebody is like, you know, you find like that, he should be punished really severely.

00:46 Speaker 3: You know, I think some incidents have the power to galvanize society. And I think young people are very frustrated. They feel like the government is not doing it’s job well enough. And the response of government sometimes seems too little, too late.

01:02 Speaker 4: Lastly, the IT sector is ahead of the curve in terms of ensuring a lot of safety measures, because 50% of the workforce are women. So, are there lessons that the society can take?

01:13 S3: Technology is one aspect of it, but, there’s a lot of change that has to happen. As I was saying earlier, very patriarchal and feudal still in our society. Attitudes towards women have to change.



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