Barefoot College

Barefoot College is a 50-year-old organization founded by Sanjit ‘Bunker’ Roy, applying Gandhian principles to empower marginalised communities. The work took shape in practical domains like water, education, solar, health, and rural livelihoods.

Puttenahalli Lake

Puttenhalli Lake is the smallest of 3 lakes in the JP Nagar area of South Bangalore. It is located in urban sprawl between apartments and was historically rainfed without other water sources, and a recorded area of 13 acres and more. Misuse by the public, sewage influx and encroachment nearly drove the lake to extinction. […]

River Research Center

The Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India is a network of individuals and organisations who are interested in engaging with water conflicts in India. Working since 2004, the forum has worked in two phases: one, to understand water conflicts through documentation and two, resolving and preventing water conflicts. Now in its third […]

Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management

SOPPECOM is a core group from Vikalp Sangam, a network of people and organisations thinking of alternatives for resilient community responses to livelihood, food and health crises. They have worked on Natural Resource Management in rural areas, committed to sustainable and rational use of natural resources, distributive justice for disadvantaged sections and decentralised governance. A […]

Team Street Consulting

TeamStreet Consulting Solutions specialises in designing, implementing and assessing long term fundraising strategies for non profit organisations. They help build resilient, self sufficient and ROI focused fundraising processes. They work closely with non profits to understand their fundraising needs, assess strengths and needs of the organisation and support them in creating strategies and plans for […]


MAPSAS began with an effort to revamp and rejuvenate a parched and polluted lake as a community effort, hoping to bring it back to a living ecosystem. Working closely with the municipality on aspects of design and infrastructure, it took three years to bring the lake back. However, pollution returned which pointed to the fact […]

Counter Media Trust


PARI is a live journal and archive of India’s rural countryside, documenting its diverse languages, arts, craft, culture and practices. They produce a database of published stories, reports, videos and audios from sources around the country via a Creative Commons model. This model is curated and recorded on the Pari website, while respecting the ownership […]

Arati Kumar Rao

Arati Kumar Rao

Arati Kumar-Rao is a an independent environmental photographer, writer, and artist documenting the slow violence* of ecological degradation. She communicates through photos, longform narratives, and art. She is documenting the landscapes of loss left behind as over 200 million are forced to migrate from South Asia due to environmental degradation and climate change. Her work […]


Arghyam was founded in 2005 to support sustainable water and sanitation solutions. The idea is to work in collaborative ways with individuals and organisations to design and implement transformative solutions for communities facing water insecurity. These solutions empower communities to take agential decisions backed by science and evidence. To scale these solutions, they created the […]


Arpan works on the premise that each child needs to be safe and protected from sexual abuse, and works with over 120 professionals nationally to provide prevention and intervention services to children and adults. Arpan’s key project is educating children and adolescents (age 4 years to 15) about personal safety in schools so that they […]