Spreading Hope Foundation

“Spreading Hope Foundation” worked on a national campaign to save lives by training and placing Transplant Counsellors in hospitals across India. They aim to get 10 million people to knowingly and accountably pledge their kidneys over a span of five years, using awareness campaigns around India. They covered 8000+ km over a month to raise […]

Sumanasa Foundation

Sumanasa Foundation was established in 2005 with the objective of engaging with the arts and community. Sumanasa supports projects that help in building art and culture, enabling communities and fostering culturally vibrant spaces and creating platforms for artists and art forms from marginalised backgrounds. The purpose is to create different avenues for artists to engage […]

Mylos Foundation

Mylos Rescue works to search for and rescue stray, injured or abandoned dogs and ensure their comfort in an animal shelter which provides health care, safety and sometimes, a decent send off. The idea is to establish a society free of stray animals, so that dogs have loving homes. They conduct vaccination, sterilisation and adoption […]

Aman Biradari Trust

Aman Biradari is a people’s campaign that works to bring about such a secular and just India by building local level institutions to strengthen mutual bonds of tolerance. They include youth and women from diverse backgrounds and faith to foster fraternity, respect and peace between people of different religions, caste and language groups, providing livelihood […]