A Strong Samaaj

Education, availability and affordability of healthcare are the cornerstones of a healthy society. The organisations enable a network that provides localised and specialised services, build bridges between the government and the people, and open up innovative avenues to reach the marginalised communities.



We support critical efforts across sectors that build resilience into India’s vibrant samaaj to help them become a healthier, stronger, more vocal, and more empowered force. Foundational areas such as education, healthcare, and livelihoods are critical and we continue to learn and support them in the ways possible.

Supporting these areas from the fringes, be it collaboration or efforts such as research, RNP has been a firm believer in the need to balance support for traditional verticals and unconventional horizontals and cross-cutting themes.



₹61 Lakhs



We supported pioneering work by organisations that harness the power of open-source technology to increase access to learning opportunities for all. We also invest in amplifying the impact of the educational ecosystem through collaborations and national-scale programs. Very early and historical support of RNP in this sector has been to Pratham Books and Akshara Foundation.

Solid Waste Management

India generates over 62 million tonnes of waste every single year. Of these, only 12 million tonnes get treated, and 31 million tonnes make their way to landfills. Our work in this area supports organisations and initiatives that work at the confluence of volunteers, public demand and political will. We support organisations and initiatives that innovate, reduce costs, re-examine social norms, and create scientific communication for behaviour change.

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