Bird Alliance

Bird Alliance

Birds In India is a project by Nature Conservation Foundation that introduces children and adults alike to the rich bird life in India. They believe that birds are a starting point for nature education, easily seen and found all around us, and a way to encourage children to get interested in their environment. They encourage […]

Wildlife Trust of India

Wildlife Trust of India was formed in response to crises in India’s wildlife and wild habitats. In the past three decades, they have set up 40 conservation projects across 23 states from Kashmir to Kerala. They are driven by 9 core ideas: wild rescue, species recovery, conflict mitigation, right of passage, enforcement and law, wild […]

Technology for Wildlife Foundation

Technology for Wildlife Foundation’s mission is to amplify conservation impact through the use of appropriate technology. They work via their experience and knowledge, extensive research and inclusive stakeholder consultations.They acquire conservation relevant data from satellite and field work and a fleet of aerial and underwater robots, and then integrate, simplify and visualise data to aid […]

Team Street Consulting

TeamStreet Consulting Solutions specialises in designing, implementing and assessing long term fundraising strategies for non profit organisations. They help build resilient, self sufficient and ROI focused fundraising processes. They work closely with non profits to understand their fundraising needs, assess strengths and needs of the organisation and support them in creating strategies and plans for […]


Sahjeevan supports marginalised communities in the area of Kachchh in reviving theirtraditional ecological knowledge systems to strengthen their livelihoods. Over 25 years, theyhave interfaced with local governance, communities, and the region in biodiversity and watersystem conservation, revitalising pastoralism and promoting indigenous livestock breedingpractices and strengthening resilience through rain-fed agriculture. Their focus on conservationand management of […]

Rootbridge Services Private Limited

Rootbridge Services work on understanding sectoral nuances in donor data to craft fundraising plans for organisations and their goals and objectives, keeping in mind the attrition of the donor life cycle and helping build relationships to retain donor relationships. They act as a conduit for nonprofit organisations to access the contribution of citizens. Their work […]

People for Animals

People for Animals works to provide timely, specialised veterinary care to injured urban wild animals to rehabilitate them and release them into their natural or adoptive habitats. Their work includes creating awareness among citizens of the city about urban wildlife through community outreach and education. They respond to rescue calls with trained rescuers, using sophisticated […]

Latika Roy Foundation

The Latika Roy Foundation is a voluntary organization in India working with children and adults who have developmental and other disabilities. It is a resource centre for people with special needs and provides early intervention services, livelihoods development, education, and training. They take a rights based approach to challenges of injustice and provide specialised, localised […]

Landscape Foundation India

The mission of the Landscape Foundation is to disseminate knowledge on architecture in India, and to educate society about sustainable living. They identify landscape architecture as an ecological field of theory and practice and believe that it holds a critical place in our environmental issues and dealing with climate change. The core objective of the […]

Krishi Avam Paristhitiki Vikas Sansthan

Meaning “organization for the development of ecology and agriculture/livestock”, KRAPAVIS works to improve ecological, agricultural and livestock practices to ensure sustainable livelihoods for rural pastoral communities in Rajasthan. This is done through biodiversity conservation of sacred spaces or ‘orans’ through community participation and enhanced capacity of community members — especially women — to manage and […]