Student Conference on Conservation Science – Bengaluru

SCCS Bengaluru is designed for post-graduate students pursuing studies within the fields of conservation science, including (but not limited to) ecology, environmental science, resource management, geography, economics, and social sciences.

Bird Alliance

Bird Alliance

Birds In India is a project by Nature Conservation Foundation that introduces children and adults alike to the rich bird life in India. They believe that birds are a starting point for nature education, easily seen and found all around us, and a way to encourage children to get interested in their environment. They encourage […]

River Research Center

The Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India is a network of individuals and organisations who are interested in engaging with water conflicts in India. Working since 2004, the forum has worked in two phases: one, to understand water conflicts through documentation and two, resolving and preventing water conflicts. Now in its third […]

Palluyir Trust

Palluyir Trust for Nature Education and Research was started with the intention of making place-based, nature-based and outdoor education a mainstream practice in schools, colleges and for the public in Chennai. They believe that these alternative pedagogies can go great work for the personal development of the child in developing human and ecological values and […]

Pooja Rathod (Nature in Focus)

Pooja Rathod is a marine biologist turned wildlife filmmaker with a deep interest in natural history documentation of marine and terrestrial life. She is trained in wildlife biology and conservation and brings this knowledge to filming wildlife. She curate and disseminates information about India’s wild spaces by using photography as a tool to make conservation […]

Arati Kumar Rao

Arati Kumar Rao

Arati Kumar-Rao is a an independent environmental photographer, writer, and artist documenting the slow violence* of ecological degradation. She communicates through photos, longform narratives, and art. She is documenting the landscapes of loss left behind as over 200 million are forced to migrate from South Asia due to environmental degradation and climate change. Her work […]

Centre for Wildlife Studies

The Centre for Wildlife Studies is a 37-year-old centre-of-excellence working to save India’s wildlife through science, conservation, policy and education. They focus on mitigating the impact of human activity on wildlife and wild places and empowering communities who live near protected communities through conflict mitigation, agriculture, education, healthcare, finance and alternative livelihood options. Their work […]

Dakshin Foundation

Dakshin creates contextual and location-based scalable approaches and interventions to help secure a balance between human needs and ecosystem services in coastal, marine and island spaces. They adopt interdisciplinary approaches in research and conservation interventions, drawing from the fields of ecology, conservation biology, sociology, economics, and law. Dakshin’s projects build community capacity for conservation and […]

Nature Conservation Foundation

NCF works in a range of wildlife habitats—from coral reefs and tropical rainforests to the high mountains of the Himalaya. Their interest areas include understanding the survival needs of endangered species such as snow leopards and elephants, as well as equally fascinating but lesser-known wildlife such as corals and spiders. NCF’s research also addresses human […]