Spreading Hope Foundation

“Spreading Hope Foundation” worked on a national campaign to save lives by training and placing Transplant Counsellors in hospitals across India. They aim to get 10 million people to knowingly and accountably pledge their kidneys over a span of five years, using awareness campaigns around India. They covered 8000+ km over a month to raise […]


Umeed is a non-profit that promotes women’s empowerment by radically altering the mindset that exists within society. They work off the core values of love, hope and courage to empower women to strengthen progressive mindsets. They provide workshops to help women build skills that make them employable through eco-friendly handicrafts, create intensive awareness workshops that […]

Newsreel Asia

Newsreel Asia is an OTT news platform that works on storytelling in the form of docuseries, podcasts, longform audio and video stories. Their focus is to tell stories from a humanitarian perspective and with empathy, covering issues on governance, economy, and democracy with a independent editorial policy. They run ‘Mapping India’, a mega-docuseries portraying the […]

Give Foundation (Give India)

Give India was created to bridge the gap between people who want to ‘give back’ and those who do work but need support. They focus on building trust in the social sector with due diligence of their partners, and transparency in how donations impact work on the ground. Their platform in India enables individuals and […]

Bhansali Trust

Bhansali Trust

Founded nearly half a century ago, the NGO works in the fields of medicine, education, income generation, de-addiction and socioeconomic issues in districts of Gujarat and Orissa. Since 2015, they have initiatives a project to work with the Mushar community Gaya, Bihar. This project works with 525 villages to provide good education to the community, […]

Aajeevika Bureau

Aajeevika Bureau works to achieve equitable and dignified work for labouring communities which are part of India’s seasonal, circular migrant workforce, and who face many sociolegal problems that are given scant attention in policymaking. They support and enable strong workers’ organisations to ensure the workers articulate their demands, and work directly through a network of […]

Farmers for Forests

Farmers for Forests (F4F) is committed to increasing and protecting India’s biodiverse forest cover in close collaboration with communities. Their 2030 impact goals are to sequester 25 million tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to the emissions of 8+ million Indians annually. F4F operating model designed to produce these outcomes include afforestation activities to increase […]

Samaj Pragati Sahayog

Samaj Pragati Sahayog (SPS) is grassroots initiatives for water and livelihood security, workingacross 72 of India’s backward districts in the central adivasi belt. As a laboratory for learning,SPS works on location specific watershed development combined with low cost, low riskagriculture and nature based livelihoods and women led microfinance. The idea is to increaserural incomes, and […]


Goonj was founded in 1999. It uses a sustainable economic model for managing poverty by using urban surplus material as a tool to alleviate financial poverty and enhance the dignity of people and communities that are financially impoverished in India. Waste or surplus is mobilized to motivate civic participation in urban and rural communities. Over […]

Dakshin Foundation

Dakshin creates contextual and location-based scalable approaches and interventions to help secure a balance between human needs and ecosystem services in coastal, marine and island spaces. They adopt interdisciplinary approaches in research and conservation interventions, drawing from the fields of ecology, conservation biology, sociology, economics, and law. Dakshin’s projects build community capacity for conservation and […]