The Community Library Project

The Community Library Project believes all people should have access to books. They are a low-cost, people’s initiative that is committed to the work of building a movement for a publicly owned, free library system that is accessible to all. The project has 3 libraries in Delhi and Gurugram for 6000 children and adults, all […]

Synergy Sansthan

Synergy Sansthan grew from a view that despite being a large population in India, youth from rural and tribal communities are underrepresented in development agendas. The work began in madhya Pradesh, working for the rights of children, in Harda district where there began a platform for youth to develop their skills and potential to work […]

St. John’s Medical College Hospital (CBCI Society for Medical Education)

St John’s Medical College Hospital was an active part of the work against COVID-19, dealing with the surge with COVID care and beds during the years of the pandemic. They provided hospital beds and ICU beds and ventilatory support, and also ensured quality personal protective equipment, sanitisers, oxygens, masks and tubing for HFNC. They were […]

Slam Out Loud

Slam Out Loud uses the power of performance and visual arts to help build creative confidence life skills like communication, critical thinking and empathy for children from disadvantaged communities. It is an initiative that provides art-based learning to children from at-risk communities facing socioeconomic, physical or emotional barriers to exploring the Arts. The Delhi-based organisation […]

Project Khel

Project Khel works with children between the ages of 8 and 18, including underprivileged children and school going children in low income schools, and offer age-appropriate and customised activities in the playground that are playful, fun and approachable which act as a safe learning space for children to open up and express themselves freely. They […]

Pratham Education Foundation (ASER)

Pratham is an innovative learning organization created to improve the quality of education in India. Pratham Education Foundation was set up in 1995 with the aim of providing pre-school education to children in the slums of Mumbai city, and has grown since then to become a large non-governmental organisation that works to provide education to […]

Pratham Books

Pratham Books responds to the primary problem in India that every second child in India cannotread at her grade level. The aim is to introduce children to the joy of reading, by creatingengaging storybooks in multiple languages and formats, with locations they can recognise, andcharacters with whom they can identify. The mission is to see […]

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya

KSV empowers, supports, and encourages children from socially marginalized and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to realize their full potential and attain a better life, with a focus on enabling a practice of performing arts. This is done through an intensive and comprehensive educational program and through the performing arts which are undertaken in a peaceful rural […]

Make A Difference

Make a Difference

Make a Difference offers community-powered social protection for vulnerable children and makes age appropriate interventions to enable them to break out of poverty within a generation. They provide individual care and attention and protection, starting with the age group of 10-13 years, hoping all children can have a reasonable quality of life without suffering and […]

IDIA Charitable Trust

IDIA started out as a student run movement in 2010. Now a registered trust, it DIA strives to provide access to quality legal information and education to underprivileged and under-represented communities with the aim of empowering them to help themselves and their communities. It runs with 600+ volunteers from leading law universities in India, who […]