Student Conference on Conservation Science – Bengaluru

SCCS Bengaluru is designed for post-graduate students pursuing studies within the fields of conservation science, including (but not limited to) ecology, environmental science, resource management, geography, economics, and social sciences.

Second Chance Sanctuary

Second Chance Sanctuary

We are an animal welfare organization, focussed on rehabilitation and rehoming dogs in need.

Centre for Pastoralism

The Centre for Pastoralism (CfP) partners with diverse sectors to uplift pastoralist livelihoods, promote livestock breeds, secure grazing access, study pastoral systems, and increase public awareness in India.

Wildlife Conservation Trust

WCT believes that healthy natural ecosystems and engaged communities are the bedrock of economic growth. We work towards conserving India’s biodiversity for posterity and sustainable development of people that share their space with wild animals. Why they are the right choice for others:

The River Project

We are a collaborative of story tellers and riverine communities. We help document, archive and retell stories passed down through oral histories and different art forms in new ways. These are housed online and in living museums in the region.

Mylos Foundation

Mylos Foundation aims to end stray animal suffering in India through a 5R strategy (Reduce Population, Rescue Always, Respond Fastest, Rehabilitate with comfort & Robust Regulations) Mylos Rescue works to search for and rescue stray, injured or abandoned dogs and ensure their comfort in an animal shelter that provides health care, safety and, sometimes, a […]

Bird Alliance

Bird Alliance

Birds In India is a project by Nature Conservation Foundation that introduces children and adults alike to the rich bird life in India. They believe that birds are a starting point for nature education, easily seen and found all around us, and a way to encourage children to get interested in their environment. They encourage […]

YouCAN (Youth Conservation Action Network)

YOUCAN is an initiative that seeks to redefine environmentalism with a projection of 13 million young environmentalists in the next quarter century working on conservation from home, with local governments and communities to protect the natural world and improve our planets health. They work on short term and long term experiential learning programmes to empower […]

World Wide Fund for Nature – India

WWF-INDIA was founded with the mission to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. As part of this, they work to conserve the country’s biological diversity, major ecosystems and landscapes; promote sustainable use of natural resources, and the active involvement of […]

Wildlife Trust of India

Wildlife Trust of India was formed in response to crises in India’s wildlife and wild habitats. In the past three decades, they have set up 40 conservation projects across 23 states from Kashmir to Kerala. They are driven by 9 core ideas: wild rescue, species recovery, conflict mitigation, right of passage, enforcement and law, wild […]

The Shola Trust

The Shola Trust is a non-profit, Charitable Trust involved in nature conservation in the Nilgiri region of South India. They are a group of young people based in Gudalur, at the edge of the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, working on conservation. The Sholas are a unique forest type, endemic to the southern part of the western […]

The Real Elephant Collective

The Real Elephant Collective talks about the coexistence of people and the environment through the story of elephants. As a socio environmental enterprise, it works on ideas, research, information and products, projects and events to understand elephants to raise and guide funds for conservation. As part of this work, they create art, make products, and […]


Sahjeevan has worked at the environment/development interface in Kutch for the past three decades. It currently focusses its work on pastoralism and grassland restoration, working in Gujarat and, through CfP, nationally. What excites us about their work:

People for Animals

People for Animals works to provide timely, specialised veterinary care to injured urban wild animals to rehabilitate them and release them into their natural or adoptive habitats. Their work includes creating awareness among citizens of the city about urban wildlife through community outreach and education. They respond to rescue calls with trained rescuers, using sophisticated […]

Palluyir Trust

Palluyir Trust for Nature Education and Research was started with the intention of making place-based, nature-based and outdoor education a mainstream practice in schools, colleges and for the public in Chennai. They believe that these alternative pedagogies can go great work for the personal development of the child in developing human and ecological values and […]

Krishi Avam Paristhitiki Vikas Sansthan

Meaning “organization for the development of ecology and agriculture/livestock”, KRAPAVIS works to improve ecological, agricultural and livestock practices to ensure sustainable livelihoods for rural pastoral communities in Rajasthan. This is done through biodiversity conservation of sacred spaces or ‘orans’ through community participation and enhanced capacity of community members — especially women — to manage and […]

Keystone Foundation

Named for ‘keystone species’ which are species crucial for an ecosystem to grow and evolve, Keystone Foundation began to incubate organisations that work to protect indigeneous lives and communities and their socioecological resilience. They focus on strengthening the resilience of species and landscapes, with a special focus on bee ecology and traditional knowledge from indigeneous […]

Dusty Foot Foundation

Dusty Foot Foundation

DFF uses digital technology and education to leverage the power of youth in conservation action and social change. They work in areas of climate action, sustainability, livelihoods, local entrepreneurship through community engagement and interdisciplinary and inter sectoral collaborations. By connecting youth to their roots, they wish to encourage them to preserve natural resources, traditional knowledge […]

Conservation India

Conservation India

CI is a volunteer-driven non-profit that facilitates nature conservation by providing reliable and practical knowledge for efficient and effective action in conservation. They work to establish key information and knowledge on what conservation is, as well as highlighting areas of concern where animals and ecologies are threatened due to development, human negligence or legislations. Their […]

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)

Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology (ATREE) is one of the top 20 environmental thinktanks globally and a global non-profit which generates interdisciplinary knowledge to informpolicy and practice towards conservation and sustainability. ATREE’s Regional Initiatives workclosely with local communities to generate knowledge and contribute solutions that are pertinentto and usable by them to not only […]


Accord is a non-profit organisation based out of Gudalur in the Nilgiris District. They help the adivasi community of the Gudalur Valley in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu to take control of their own lives. ACCORD functions primarily as a Resource Centre providing Training and expertise and mobilising the required resources for the adivasi […]

1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery (VAC TRUST)

1Shanthiroad, Bengaluru, is an art space founded by Suresh Jayaram in 2003. It is a space for lectures, small conferences, performances, screenings and gatherings, administered by a not- for- profit trust VAC –Visual Art Collective. 1Shantiroad houses artists from diverse contexts and countries through residency programmes and partnerships with other cultural and artistic institutions. Why […]

Centre for Wildlife Studies

The Centre for Wildlife Studies is a 37-year-old centre-of-excellence working to save India’s wildlife through science, conservation, policy and education. They focus on mitigating the impact of human activity on wildlife and wild places and empowering communities who live near protected communities through conflict mitigation, agriculture, education, healthcare, finance and alternative livelihood options. Their work […]

Farmers for Forests

Farmers for Forests (F4F) is committed to increasing and protecting India’s biodiverse forest cover in close collaboration with communities. Their 2030 impact goals are to sequester 25 million tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to the emissions of 8+ million Indians annually. F4F operating model designed to produce these outcomes include afforestation activities to increase […]

Wildlife Conservation Society – India

Wildlife Conservation Society focuses on science-based conservation of wildlife and wild spaces. They combine wildlife conservation action and strategic policy interventions with rigorous principles of conservation science and forge long-lasting, productive partnerships with governmental and non-governmental partners as well as with local communities. WCS-India is currently working across 20 states in India to address a […]

Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, particularly elephants and bears, from exploitation and abuse, while also promoting conservation and awareness. Why they are the right choice for others:

Dakshin Foundation

Dakshin creates contextual and location-based scalable approaches and interventions to help secure a balance between human needs and ecosystem services in coastal, marine and island spaces. They adopt interdisciplinary approaches in research and conservation interventions, drawing from the fields of ecology, conservation biology, sociology, economics, and law. Dakshin’s projects build community capacity for conservation and […]

Nature Conservation Foundation

NCF works in a range of wildlife habitats—from coral reefs and tropical rainforests to the high mountains of the Himalaya. Their interest areas include understanding the survival needs of endangered species such as snow leopards and elephants, as well as equally fascinating but lesser-known wildlife such as corals and spiders. NCF’s research also addresses human […]