Uninhibited works to destigmatise menstrual, sexual and reproductive health. Their work extends across 10 states in India, with 250000 marginalised menstruators. They provide training on menstrual health and hygiene and education, creating and enabling conversations to normalise menstruation with ‘PeriodShala’ and ‘The Period Fellowship’ to nurture talent in communities to sustain behaviour change for menstruators. […]

Team Street Consulting

TeamStreet Consulting Solutions specialises in designing, implementing and assessing long term fundraising strategies for non profit organisations. They help build resilient, self sufficient and ROI focused fundraising processes. They work closely with non profits to understand their fundraising needs, assess strengths and needs of the organisation and support them in creating strategies and plans for […]

Sumanasa Foundation

Sumanasa Foundation was established in 2005 with the objective of engaging with the arts and community. Sumanasa supports projects that help in building art and culture, enabling communities and fostering culturally vibrant spaces and creating platforms for artists and art forms from marginalised backgrounds. The purpose is to create different avenues for artists to engage […]

St. John’s Medical College Hospital (CBCI Society for Medical Education)

St John’s Medical College Hospital was an active part of the work against COVID-19, dealing with the surge with COVID care and beds during the years of the pandemic. They provided hospital beds and ICU beds and ventilatory support, and also ensured quality personal protective equipment, sanitisers, oxygens, masks and tubing for HFNC. They were […]

Spreading Hope Foundation

“Spreading Hope Foundation” worked on a national campaign to save lives by training and placing Transplant Counsellors in hospitals across India. They aim to get 10 million people to knowingly and accountably pledge their kidneys over a span of five years, using awareness campaigns around India. They covered 8000+ km over a month to raise […]

Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH)

Society for Education, Action & Research in Community Health (SEARCH) is a voluntary organization set up in 1986 at Gadchiroli, one of the most impoverished districts in India with tribals constituting 40% of its population.SEARCH has been working among the poor and marginalized rural and tribal population of Gadchiroli spanning over 134 villages. SEARCH works […]

Slam Out Loud

Slam Out Loud uses the power of performance and visual arts to help build creative confidence life skills like communication, critical thinking and empathy for children from disadvantaged communities. It is an initiative that provides art-based learning to children from at-risk communities facing socioeconomic, physical or emotional barriers to exploring the Arts. The Delhi-based organisation […]

Rest of my Family

Rest of my family’ is a travel-based, not-for-profit, social-work-through-art organization. Their mission is to spread awareness about what they consider the ill-effects of a paradigm based on selfish competition. They make documentaries, collaborate over art, and work on community development projects to seek alternative modes of community living and mutual cooperation. The idea is to […]

Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research (PUKAR)

PUKAR is an independent research collective and knowledge producing institution that works on multi sectoral, transdisciplinary and community based action research on issues related to urbanization and globalisation. Located in Mumbai, they conduct research through the lens of marginalised youth and how they transform themselves and their communities. They work with Community Based Participatory Action […]

NeoMotion Assistive Solutions Pvt Ltd

NeoMotion is an IIT Madras incubated start-up and creates life transformative products for the physically challenged and the elderly. They help wheelchair users move around independently for all that they want to do, creating technology customisable to add comfort, mobility, manoeuvrability and ergonomics, and providing independent mobility across distances to wheelchair users with a motorised […]