Zenith Society for Socio-Legal Empowerment

Zenith Society for Socio Legal Empowerment is a youth-led organisation based in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, working on grassroots and sociolegal empowerment for marginalised communities, rural and urban youth. They provide perspectives resources, and training of skills and tools of the law to tribal, Dalit and marginalised communities to empower them to identify and voice their […]

VikasAnvesh Foundation

VAF focuses on key development issues faced by communities and grassroots workers by conducting high quality and high intensity research that can impact policy discussions. They work on identifying unattended development situations that concern the disenfranchised in areas which are not considered worthy of research, conduct research in these areas and create publications to influence […]

The Vidhi Center for legal policy

An independent think-tank and research centre, it offers ideas for citizen participationand access to justice for all. It creates better laws to improve governance for the shared publicgood. Vidhi does this through high-quality, peer-reviewed original legal research; throughengaging with the Government of India, State governments and other public institutions to bothinform policy-making and effectively convert […]

Swaniti Initiative

Swaniti Initiative is a social enterprise that strengthens local governance by improving delivery of public services. Their work is to deploy research for targeted support and developing critical CSO partnerships, as well as leveraging data driven tools towards ensuring operations and interventions of governance succeed. They work in health care, green jobs, employment, climate change, […]

Socratus Foundation for Collective Wisdom

Socratus Foundation works towards arriving at political solutions by bringing together all key agents in a field who are the proponents of competing schools of thought. For a large population such as India, which is young and mostly poor, facing huge challenges that are Wicked Problems — complex in scale and scope with incompatible objectives […]

Rootbridge Services Private Limited

Rootbridge Services work on understanding sectoral nuances in donor data to craft fundraising plans for organisations and their goals and objectives, keeping in mind the attrition of the donor life cycle and helping build relationships to retain donor relationships. They act as a conduit for nonprofit organisations to access the contribution of citizens. Their work […]

PRS Legislative Research

PRS Legislative is an independent research institute working to make legislative processes better informed, more transparent and participatory. In India, legislators who make laws on behalf of citizens and allocate public funds to national priorities, are not provided with research personnel. PRS bridges this gap by providing high quality independent research to help legislators understand […]

Project 39A, National Law University Delhi

Inspired by Article 29-A of the Indian Constitution, Project 39A focuses on equal justice and equal opportunity. They engage with the criminal justice system through interdisciplinary research, offer pro bono legal representation and create accessible and clear public communication of their work. Their primary focus is on legal aid, torture within the criminal justice system, […]


Nyaaya is an open access, digital resource that provides simple, actionable, recallableand authoritative legal information to young Indians, helping them solve day-to-day legalproblems so that they are aware of their rights and feel empowered to seek justice. An initiativeof Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Nyaaya provides comprehensive information on various legaltopics, helping everyone understand and […]

National Law School of India University, Bangalore

In 2020, NLSIU identified five focus areas where it will develop new interdisciplinary research clusters. These focus areas are: Labour and Work; Climate Justice; State Design and Reform; Access to Justice & Legal System Reform and Law, Technology and Society. The Law, Technology and Society Cluster integrates the work of the faculty and researchers in […]