Centre for Health and Social Justice

CHSJ is committed to promoting equitable development, inclusive governance systems, & social accountability. With over 30 years of experience in community development, it strives to create a just and interdependent society. Why they are the right choice for others:

Youth Ki Awaaz

Youth Ki Awaaz

Youth Ki Awaaz is India’s leading media-tech social enterprise, building India’s largest open expression platform. YKA unlocks the potential of young voices through technology-driven expression, fostering confidence, collaboration, and empowerment. Why they are the right choice for others:

The Yuva Ekta Foundation

Yuva Ekta Foundation

The Yuva Ekta Foundation is a not-for-profit trust that works at the intersection of Youth and Governance, spanning a canvas that seeks to integrate young people from different socio-economic backgrounds, using the Expressive Arts. The Yuva Ekta Foundation is a not-for-profit trust that works at the intersection of youth and governance, bringing young people from […]

Migration and Asylum Project

The Migration and Asylum Project is India’s only law centre working on forced displacement. It seeks to end the marginalisation of refugees/migrants, using the Rule of Law to ensure grassroots justice. The Migration and Asylum Trust was set up in 2013 by former UN lawyers to fuel systemic change in India’s approach towards migration and […]

We, The People Abhiyan

We, The People Abhiyan works to empower citizens to own, understand and practice constitutional values, rights, and responsibilities in their lives and communities. We facilitate in-depth training, dialogue events, training of trainers programmes and action projects involving diverse groups of citizens across India. We, The People Abhiyan, works to empower all citizens to own, understand […]

Zenith Society for Socio-Legal Empowerment

Zenith Society for Socio Legal Empowerment is a youth-led organisation based in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, working on grassroots and sociolegal empowerment for marginalised communities, rural and urban youth. They provide perspectives resources, and training of skills and tools of the law to tribal, Dalit and marginalised communities to empower them to identify and voice their […]

VikasAnvesh Foundation

VAF focuses on key development issues faced by communities and grassroots workers by conducting high quality and high intensity research that can impact policy discussions. They work on identifying unattended development situations that concern the disenfranchised in areas which are not considered worthy of research, conduct research in these areas and create publications to influence […]

Socratus Foundation for Collective Wisdom

Socratus Foundation works towards arriving at political solutions by bringing together all key agents in a field who are the proponents of competing schools of thought. For a large population such as India, which is young and mostly poor, facing huge challenges that are Wicked Problems — complex in scale and scope with incompatible objectives […]

Prison Aid and Action Research

PAAR advocates for Open Prisons, a reformatory model that promotes life in a fullyfunctional social environment, focusing on reformation and re-integration instead of retributivepunishment. Their work includes research on prison manuals, court judgements, governmentnotifications, and field research on prison conditions. PAAR works closely with the High court,CMs office, Police Headquarters, and the Prison departments of […]