SaveLIFE Foundation

SaveLIFE Foundation is a specialist, nonprofit organisation committed to saving lives on roads across India. Our model combines on-ground interventions with system change efforts to enable a lasting impact on road safety in India. Why they are the right choice for others:

Praja Foundation

Praja is a non-partisan, data driven and collaborative organisation working towards improving transparency and accountability of local governments in Mumbai and Delhi; and implementation of 74th CAA and empowering grassroots democracy pan India.

Mylos Foundation

Mylos Foundation aims to end stray animal suffering in India through a 5R strategy (Reduce Population, Rescue Always, Respond Fastest, Rehabilitate with comfort & Robust Regulations) Mylos Rescue works to search for and rescue stray, injured or abandoned dogs and ensure their comfort in an animal shelter that provides health care, safety and, sometimes, a […]



Nagrika is a think-tank enabling citizens in small and mid-sized cities. We create knowledge that shapes unique, authentic and resilient cities. We are mainstreaming the voice of citizens in decision making. Why are they the right choice for others:

World Wide Fund for Nature – India

WWF-INDIA was founded with the mission to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. As part of this, they work to conserve the country’s biological diversity, major ecosystems and landscapes; promote sustainable use of natural resources, and the active involvement of […]

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)

A national education institution that focuses on human settlements’ just, sustainable and efficient transformation. It does so through the creation and application of knowledge to ensure equality.IIHS is a national educational institution that focuses on creating research and knowledge to deal with urbanisation in India in the 21st century, and to transform the nature of […]

Ranga Shankara

Ranga Shankara was built to honour actor Shankar Nag’s dream of creating a vibrant,affordable space for the theatre community — both audiences and theatre makers. It wasopened in 2004 and has grown into a nerve centre for performance, a cultural institutiondedicated to theatre and theatre arts. RS showcases performances from India and abroad,commissions and produces […]

Reap Benefit

Dedicated to collective action, this platform encourages and nurtures young people withthe knowledge and tools they need to grow up into active citizens called Solve Ninjas. Itsprograms and events cover schools, colleges, and communities, and include awareness andcapacity-building workshops, co-design sessions, technical and technological support, andnetworking and convening for collaborative problem-solving. Solutions designed by communityproblem […]

Science Gallery Bengaluru

Science Gallery Bengaluru is a not for profit public institution for research-based engagement for young adults. Their work is at the interface of the natural, human, social sciences, engineering and art, and the work is conducted through exhibitions, mentorship programmes and a Public Lab Complex. SGB began with support from the Government of India and […]

Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management

SOPPECOM is a core group from Vikalp Sangam, a network of people and organisations thinking of alternatives for resilient community responses to livelihood, food and health crises. They have worked on Natural Resource Management in rural areas, committed to sustainable and rational use of natural resources, distributive justice for disadvantaged sections and decentralised governance. A […]

Technology for Wildlife Foundation

Technology for Wildlife Foundation’s mission is to amplify conservation impact through the use of appropriate technology. They work via their experience and knowledge, extensive research and inclusive stakeholder consultations.They acquire conservation relevant data from satellite and field work and a fleet of aerial and underwater robots, and then integrate, simplify and visualise data to aid […]

The Community Library Project

The Community Library Project believes all people should have access to books. They are a low-cost, people’s initiative that is committed to the work of building a movement for a publicly owned, free library system that is accessible to all. The project has 3 libraries in Delhi and Gurugram for 6000 children and adults, all […]

The Devnandan Ubhayakar Yuva Sangeet Utsav

An annual music event conducted in Bangalore, it is a platform that encourages young Hindustani Classical artists to perform their music on the big stage to discerning audiences with music critics and rasikas present. Inspired by the Late Smt. Lalita Ubhayaker, a well known Hindustani classical vocalist from the Agra Gharana, the Utsav is a […]

The Real Elephant Collective

The Real Elephant Collective talks about the coexistence of people and the environment through the story of elephants. As a socio environmental enterprise, it works on ideas, research, information and products, projects and events to understand elephants to raise and guide funds for conservation. As part of this work, they create art, make products, and […]

People for Animals

People for Animals works to provide timely, specialised veterinary care to injured urban wild animals to rehabilitate them and release them into their natural or adoptive habitats. Their work includes creating awareness among citizens of the city about urban wildlife through community outreach and education. They respond to rescue calls with trained rescuers, using sophisticated […]

Philosophy Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Barefoot Philosophers was begun by Sundar Sarukkai as a response to problems of philosophy in the country, in which philosophy was being edged out of curricula, and there were growing walls around the discipline. It is now a forum for adults and children to bring philosophy back into public life. Barefoot Philosophers ran workshops titled […]

Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research (PUKAR)

PUKAR is an independent research collective and knowledge producing institution that works on multi sectoral, transdisciplinary and community based action research on issues related to urbanization and globalisation. Located in Mumbai, they conduct research through the lens of marginalised youth and how they transform themselves and their communities. They work with Community Based Participatory Action […]

Oorvani Foundation

Oorvani is a non-profit trust set up to ensure independent community-funded media. Theyhave built a citizen-centred and citizen-driven platform in collaboration with citizens, domainexperts and journalists to create a democratisation of information. They enable citizens to definewhat issues are important to them, and to exchange knowledge and strategies on civic organising. They believe every citizen […]

Masoom Parmar

Masoom Parmar is an artist, curator and arts manager from the hereditary Langha community of musicians. Trained in the Indian “classical” dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathak, he has 4 full-length solo works and 2 ensemble productions to their credit. His work explores ideas of identity and belonging through the oral, literary and cultural heritage […]

Latika Roy Foundation

The Latika Roy Foundation is a voluntary organization in India working with children and adults who have developmental and other disabilities. It is a resource centre for people with special needs and provides early intervention services, livelihoods development, education, and training. They take a rights based approach to challenges of injustice and provide specialised, localised […]

Landscape Foundation India

The mission of the Landscape Foundation is to disseminate knowledge on architecture in India, and to educate society about sustainable living. They identify landscape architecture as an ecological field of theory and practice and believe that it holds a critical place in our environmental issues and dealing with climate change. The core objective of the […]


Jhatkaa uses digital communication to engage and mobilise citizens at scale. Through their useof digital tools, they attempt to make it easier for citizens to engage in democracy. Usingpetitions, public engagement, building volunteer movements, mass phone calls, emails to publicrepresentatives, the idea is to empower citizens to take part in India’s democracy. A key aspectof […]

Elephants Corridors Films

Elephant Corridor Films

Elephant Corridors Films is an independent documentary film production company based in Bangalore. The team creates passionate content about environment, human and animal ethics issues. Their newest film is Colonies in Conflict, which covers the story of the Indian Rock Bee, which is in the middle of an anthropogenic count down. The film travels with […]

Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP)


A not-for-profit research organisation, CSTEP’s mission is to enrich policy-making withinnovative approaches, using science and technology for a sustainable, secure, and inclusivesociety. It works with governments and institutions to develop solutions using science andtechnology. What excites us about their work:

Civic Innovation Foundation (Civis)


Civis is a non-profit platform that works to enable effective dialogue between governments andcitizens on draft laws and policies. It is a community-driven platform that engages with citizenryby offering support to shape laws through public consultations, built and maintained by CivicInnovation Foundation. Civis works on five key areas: urban development, environment, socialjustice, information technology and […]

Common Purpose

Common Purpose works with leaders to help develop their ability to bridge boundaries, across generations, geographies, sectors and beliefs. They offer in person and online programmes — courses, seminars, conferences, presentations and meetings — to government officials, heads of organisations, NGOs and students, and representatives from private entities. To these leaders, they train them in […]

India Rising Trust

The Ugly Indian is driven by the idea that citizens and their cultural behaviour are part of theproblem of poor civic standards, and that citizens themselves can and should change ourenvironment. The organisation works with citizens and government to clean up streets andregulate waste disposal by encouraging behaviour through focused, ‘smart’ interventions thatare low-cost and […]

Cafe Oikos

Deriving its name from ‘Science Cafe’, a popular global format to spread the joy in public spaces, Cafe Oikos is a volunteer driven initiative. Oikos, which means a place to live, lends a focus of ecology and conservation to their work. Researchers in the space of ecology and conservation share their research findings, reflections and […]

Bengaluru Environment Trust

Bengaluru Environment Trust has taken up issues of public interest, especially environmental issues of lake restoration, urban tree protection, afforestation, pollution prevention, water rights and pollution related livelihood issues over the last 30 years. Through democratic mechanisms, they work on socio-legal campaigns in specific areas – whether sewage, lake preservation, against tree cutting for development […]

Arati Kumar Rao

Arati Kumar Rao

Arati Kumar-Rao is a an independent environmental photographer, writer, and artist documenting the slow violence* of ecological degradation. She communicates through photos, longform narratives, and art. She is documenting the landscapes of loss left behind as over 200 million are forced to migrate from South Asia due to environmental degradation and climate change. Her work […]

Clean Coonoor

Clean Coonoor is a people’s initiative that works on projects that the resident community can execute in coordination with civic authorities. The focus is to ensure that the town is kept clean and hygienic: clean water and air and efficient systems for the disposal of waste. Their work is to assist the municipal corporation in […]

Waste Warriors Society

Waste Warriors are a not-for-profit and registered society based in Dharamshala, Dehradun, Corbett, and Rishikesh. The focus of their work is on developing sustainable solid waste management systems. This work is done via a combination of direct action, awareness-raising and community engagement through education and collaborations, conducted through decentralised initiatives. Through the use of innovative […]

Wildlife Conservation Society – India

Wildlife Conservation Society focuses on science-based conservation of wildlife and wild spaces. They combine wildlife conservation action and strategic policy interventions with rigorous principles of conservation science and forge long-lasting, productive partnerships with governmental and non-governmental partners as well as with local communities. WCS-India is currently working across 20 states in India to address a […]