Wildlife Conversation Society – India

Wildlife Conservation Society focuses on science-based conservation of wildlife and wild spaces. They combine wildlife conservation action and strategic policy interventions with rigorous principles of conservation science, and forge long-lasting productive partnerships with governmental and non-governmental partners as well as with local communities. WCS-India is currently working across 20 states in India to address a […]

World Wide Fund for Nature – India

WWF-INDIA was founded with the mission to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. As part of this, they work to conserve the country’s biological diversity, major ecosystems and landscapes; promote sustainable use of natural resources, and the active involvement of […]

The Real Elephant Collective

The Real Elephant Collective talks about the coexistence of people and the environment through the story of elephants. As a socio environmental enterprise, it works on ideas, research, information and products, projects and events to understand elephants to raise and guide funds for conservation. As part of this work, they create art, make products, and […]

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)

A national education institution that focuses on human settlements’ just, sustainable and efficient transformation. It does so through the creation and application of knowledge to ensure equality.IIHS is a national educational institution that focuses on creating research and knowledge to deal with urbanisation in India in the 21st century, and to transform the nature of […]

The Community Library Project

The Community Library Project believes all people should have access to books. They are a low-cost, people’s initiative that is committed to the work of building a movement for a publicly owned, free library system that is accessible to all. The project has 3 libraries in Delhi and Gurugram for 6000 children and adults, all […]

Technology for Wildlife Foundation

Technology for Wildlife Foundation’s mission is to amplify conservation impact through the use of appropriate technology. They work via their experience and knowledge, extensive research and inclusive stakeholder consultations.They acquire conservation relevant data from satellite and field work and a fleet of aerial and underwater robots, and then integrate, simplify and visualise data to aid […]

Science Gallery Bengaluru

Science Gallery Bengaluru is a not for profit public institution for research-based engagement for young adults. Their work is at the interface of the natural, human, social sciences, engineering and art, and the work is conducted through exhibitions, mentorship programmes and a Public Lab Complex. SGB began with support from the Government of India and […]

Reap Benefit

Dedicated to collective action, this platform encourages and nurtures young people withthe knowledge and tools they need to grow up into active citizens called Solve Ninjas. Itsprograms and events cover schools, colleges, and communities, and include awareness andcapacity-building workshops, co-design sessions, technical and technological support, andnetworking and convening for collaborative problem-solving. Solutions designed by communityproblem […]

Ranga Shankara

Ranga Shankara was built to honour actor Shankar Nag’s dream of creating a vibrant,affordable space for the theatre community — both audiences and theatre makers. It wasopened in 2004 and has grown into a nerve centre for performance, a cultural institutiondedicated to theatre and theatre arts. RS showcases performances from India and abroad,commissions and produces […]

Philosophy Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies

Barefoot Philosophers was begun by Sundar Sarukkai as a response to problems of philosophy in the country, in which philosophy was being edged out of curricula, and there were growing walls around the discipline. It is now a forum for adults and children to bring philosophy back into public life. Barefoot Philosophers ran workshops titled […]