People’s Archive of Rural India

The People’s Archive of Rural India is a multimedia digital space and archive and the only website wholly dedicated to rural India with its 833 million people and millions of other rural migrants in urban India.

Sadbhavna Trust

Strengthen women’s participation in active citizenship, making them participate in the running of institutions and administration and to integrate them into the democratic process by enhancing their competencies so they can join the mainstream.

South Asia Women Foundation India

SAWFIN supports and strengthens movements and initiatives led by women, girls, and trans and gender non-binary persons toward realising their constitutional rights, entitlements and freedoms to equality and non-discrimination.


Patang, a youth-focused organisation working with a vision of a society where young people take initiative for a positive social change. Patang’s focus has been to nurture the youth potential in creating equity and justice in society.

Udbhav Vision Foundation

Udbhav Vision Foundation works for the holistic development of the Blind with a mission, “every blind and visually impaired has access to books”. We have successfully implemented more than 11 projects so far.

Foundation for Social Transformation (FST)

FST a not-for-profit, indigenous, philanthropic organization envisions in transforming lives by creating a cadre of change agents with marginalized rural and urban communities through promoting equality, social justice, gender-just in the region. Why they are the right choice for others:

Centre for Health and Social Justice

CHSJ is committed to promoting equitable development, inclusive governance systems, & social accountability. With over 30 years of experience in community development, it strives to create a just and interdependent society. Why they are the right choice for others:

Breakthrough Trust

Breakthrough works with young people in schools and communities to mould gender norms and beliefs before they solidify into behaviour, thereby enabling a generational shift so that a culture of equality, dignity and justice can emerge. Why they are the right choice for others:

Anubhuti Charitable Trust

Anubhuti is a rare intersectional feminist, anti-caste organization led by a nomadic tribe woman, working to develop leadership of NT-DNT, Dalit, Adivasi communities with Constitutional, Gender, Mental, Environmental, Historical Justice lenses. Why they are the right choice for others:

ComMutiny- The Youth Collective

ComMutiny – The Youth Collective is a collaborative ecosystem of over 168 youth focused organisations that are working towards aggregating, accelerating and amplifying youth- centric development. Why they are the right choice for others:

Sahjani Shiksha Kendra

Sahjani Shiksha Kendra

सहजनी शिक्षा केंद्र ,2002 में स्थापित एक नारीवादी संस्था है| जिसका मुख्य उद्देश्य साक्षरता और शिक्षा के जरिये स्थानीय और व्यापक सामाजिक मुद्दों की समझ बनाकर महिलाओं और किशोरियों के सशक्तीकरण पर काम करना है | Why they are the right choice for others:

the action northeast trust (the ANT)


The action northeast trust, or the ant, located in Rowmari, Chirang district, Assam, operates on two fronts: grassroots development in Bodoland Territorial Council areas and capacity-building training, along with advocacy network collaboration with other institutions. Why they are the right choice for others:

Society for Aid in Development

Establish in 1997 it works as a network of registered and non registered small grassroot organizations based on Ambedkar’s philosophy of justice liberty equality fraternity network addressed the issue of Dalit’s structural marginalization.

Migration and Asylum Project

The Migration and Asylum Project is India’s only law centre working on forced displacement. It seeks to end the marginalisation of refugees/migrants, using the Rule of Law to ensure grassroots justice. The Migration and Asylum Trust was set up in 2013 by former UN lawyers to fuel systemic change in India’s approach towards migration and […]

Yuvaa Originals Pvt. Ltd.

Yuvaa creates purpose-driven solutions for young India and meaningful online content to drive conversations. They are a socially responsible media company that listens to Gen-Z, understands their desires and hopes, visits colleges across the country and acts as a safe space for people to express themselves online and offline. The mission is to make youth […]

Vimochana Forum for Women’s Rights

Meaning liberation, Vimochana began as part of the women’s movement and went on to become a women’s collective working on the personal forms of violence perpetrated on women within the home and the outside, such as dowry tortures, murder, marital violence, rape, and larger political forms of violence. The primary focus is on the growing […]


Uninhibited works to destigmatise menstrual, sexual and reproductive health. Their work extends across 10 states in India, with 250000 marginalised menstruators. They provide training on menstrual health and hygiene and education, creating and enabling conversations to normalise menstruation with ‘PeriodShala’ and ‘The Period Fellowship’ to nurture talent in communities to sustain behaviour change for menstruators. […]


Umeed is a non-profit that promotes women’s empowerment by radically altering the mindset that exists within society. They work off the core values of love, hope and courage to empower women to strengthen progressive mindsets. They provide workshops to help women build skills that make them employable through eco-friendly handicrafts, create intensive awareness workshops that […]

The Gender Lab

The Gender Lab works to empower adolescents and youth to question existing gender narratives through critical and meaningful engagement with their communities.The Gender Lab Fellowship offers leadership skills, self awareness and ‘sisterhood’ through a service learning model. The idea is to amplify the voice and agency of young women by taking them through a self […]

Solidarity Foundation

The Solidarity Foundation’s work is to strengthen movements of gender/sexual minorities and sex workers and to shift the power in favour of these groups. They build grassroots collectives and leadership, livelihood initiatives, and spotlighting overlooked issues. A key part of their work is in strengthening institutions, building leadership, engaging in livelihood and wellbeing initiatives, and […]

Slam Out Loud

Slam Out Loud uses the power of performance and visual arts to help build creative confidence life skills like communication, critical thinking and empathy for children from disadvantaged communities. It is an initiative that provides art-based learning to children from at-risk communities facing socioeconomic, physical or emotional barriers to exploring the Arts. The Delhi-based organisation […]

Project Khel

Project Khel works with children between the ages of 8 and 18, including underprivileged children and school going children in low income schools, and offer age-appropriate and customised activities in the playground that are playful, fun and approachable which act as a safe learning space for children to open up and express themselves freely. They […]

Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN)

PRADAN is founded on the belief that people can drive the change they need, no matter what their social location. They work with the poorest regions of India to help vulnerable communities organise collectives to help people, especially women, earn a decent living to support their families, and access programmes and entitlements from the government […]

Mithra Trust

Mithra provides mental health information and support in the manner of a trusted friend. It is a social enterprise focused on creating and providing safe spaces for reflective and expressive journeys for individuals, especially the queer community and survivors of sexual, physical, emotional and gender based violence. They offer ‘The Meh sessions’ for young people […]

Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research (PUKAR)

PUKAR is an independent research collective and knowledge producing institution that works on multi sectoral, transdisciplinary and community based action research on issues related to urbanization and globalisation. Located in Mumbai, they conduct research through the lens of marginalised youth and how they transform themselves and their communities. They work with Community Based Participatory Action […]

Monica Jha – Independent Journalist

Monica is an independent journalist based in Bengaluru, India. She writes on technology, development and gender and specializes in longform and multimedia stories. Her story on how technology is reshaping sex trafficking in rural Bengal won the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s Stop Slavery Media Award in 2020. In 2019, she won the Impact Journalism Grant for […]

Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA)

MAVA is a safe platform for discussion on issues of violent behaviour and gender norms in society, rising from masculinity and socialisation. They work on focused efforts that bring in men who act as role models for gender sensitivity as stakeholders and partners in the process. MAVA works with boys and men to address issues […]

Khabar Lahariya

Khabar Lahiriya is India’s only women-run brand of ethical and independent rural news. Today, itreaches 5 million people every month through multiple digital platforms. It has a network of 25women reporters across 16 districts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, who run ahyperlocal, video-first news channel, broadcasting news primarily to audiences in remote areasof Uttar […]

Justice Initiative Foundation

Justice Initiative Foundation

The Justice Initiative Foundation is an organisation focussed on redefining justice as a process of healing, rebuilding, restoring and reconciling individuals, families, communities, nations for now and for generations to come. Why are they the right choice for others:

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

ICRW is a global research institute that creates research evidence to understand what affects the ability of women to contribute and fully participate in society, socially and economically, using insights to create paths of action. They believe that women and girls in collaboration with men and boys can provide solutions to poverty alleviation. ICRW works […]

IDIA Charitable Trust

IDIA started out as a student run movement in 2010. Now a registered trust, it DIA strives to provide access to quality legal information and education to underprivileged and under-represented communities with the aim of empowering them to help themselves and their communities. It runs with 600+ volunteers from leading law universities in India, who […]

Gram Vaani

Gram Vaani enables communities to use technologies and share information that can equip them to bring positive changes in their lives. They form participatory networks by identifying partners and community volunteers who can facilitate awareness and behaviour change, highlight local issues and work on grievance redressal. With their help, they mobilise the target communities to […]


Equimundo: Center for Masculinities and Social Justice has worked internationally and in the US since 2011 to engage men and boys as allies in gender equality, promote healthy manhood, and prevent violence. Why they are the right choice for others:

Equidiversity Foundation

EquiDiversity Foundation is a Feminist Civil Society Organisation based in Kolkata working for gender equality (particularly in the areas of decision making and governance) and promoting diversity. Their work is to strengthen rural local self governance with Panchayati Raj institutions for addressing gender issues and strengthening autonomy in gender based leadership and participation in South […]

Edelgive Foundation


EdelGive Foundation is a grant-making organization, helping build and expand philanthropy in India by funding and supporting the growth of small to mid-sized grassroots NGOs committed to empowering vulnerable children through education, women through empowerment, and communities through resilience building. They support work that is community driven, high impact and at the grassroots, providing both […]

Counter Media Trust


PARI is a live journal and archive of India’s rural countryside, documenting its diverse languages, arts, craft, culture and practices. They produce a database of published stories, reports, videos and audios from sources around the country via a Creative Commons model. This model is curated and recorded on the Pari website, while respecting the ownership […]

Center for Equity and Inclusion / CEQUIN

CEQUIN has been working in the area of empowering women and girls to enable them to exercise their choices and develop their capacities. In their project ‘Mardon Wali Baat’, they work on the premise that men and boys are part of the solution and not only the problem, and create gender awareness around the narrative […]

CEHAT (Anusandhan Trust)


CEHAT is an interface between progressive people’s movements and academia, conducting rigorous academic health research that is socially relevant, and working on advocacy and welfare projects. They use their work to establish direct services and programmes that can demonstrate how health can be made accessible, ethical and equitable. A multidisciplinary team, they offer courses and […]


Aastrika - Transforming the birthing experience of millions

Aastrika works towards the implementation of high quality, ethical, evidence based maternity care for expecting mothers. Their work is to place the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of the mother-infant duo at the centre of all care. Their work is conducted through advocacy and impactful partnerships, aimed at creating awareness about the maternal health sector. […]

1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery (VAC TRUST)

1Shanthiroad, Bengaluru, is an art space founded by Suresh Jayaram in 2003. It is a space for lectures, small conferences, performances, screenings and gatherings, administered by a not- for- profit trust VAC –Visual Art Collective. 1Shantiroad houses artists from diverse contexts and countries through residency programmes and partnerships with other cultural and artistic institutions. Why […]

Adivasi Lives Matter by Prayog Samaj Seva Sanstha

Adivasi Lives Matter is a platform that works toward amplifying Adivasi and Tribal voices of India. The initiative was started in 2016 so that Adivasi/Tribal youth and individuals can create articles and videos highlighting their lives and culture. In the last two years, ALM has trained around 150 youths in the art of digital storytelling. […]


iProbono enables organisations and citizens to network directly with people around the world who have the legal ability and drive to help them with legal matters. It enables people to access their rights by representing them with probono legal assistance. iProbono creates a network of lawyers to NGOs, charities, social enterprises, organisations, and the lawyers […]


Prayas is a pioneering social work demonstration project of the Centre for Criminology and Justice, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, established as a Field Action Project in 1990. Prayas focuses on social work intervention in the criminal justice system: police stations, prisons, courts and institutions for women. A key aspect of their concern is the […]

The YP Foundation

The YP Foundation is a youth-led organisation that facilitates young persons’ feminist and rights-based leadership. Their work is especially in the area of health equity, gender justice, sexuality rights and social justice. They implement direct youth-led and engaging programmes to ensure access to information, services and rights, in areas such as abortion, sexuality education, queer […]

I’m Every Woman (Durga)

I’m Every Woman is a citizen’s initiative that helps women and girls harness important life skills to deter crime. The work is to educate girls and women to understand sexual harassment, their social environment and their response mechanism. They have created an entire course curriculum to explain sexual harassment in various contexts. The idea is […]

Bebaak Collective Sanstha

Bebaak Collective (meaning ‘Voices of the Fearless’) was founded as an informal association of autonomous grassroots activists in 2013 to advocate for the rights of women marginalized by religion, including Muslim women. They work to raise awareness, campaign against injustice, and raise funds for victims of communal hate and marginalisaiton. Their work is to highlight […]


Haiyya is a youth-led campaign building and community organizing focused organization that enables, supports and accelerates individual and collective leadership of youth to make a difference through real time community-led actions. Why are they the right choice for others:   

Samaj Pragati Sahayog

Samaj Pragati Sahayog (SPS) is grassroots initiatives for water and livelihood security, workingacross 72 of India’s backward districts in the central adivasi belt. As a laboratory for learning,SPS works on location specific watershed development combined with low cost, low riskagriculture and nature based livelihoods and women led microfinance. The idea is to increaserural incomes, and […]

Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, particularly elephants and bears, from exploitation and abuse, while also promoting conservation and awareness. Why they are the right choice for others:

CORO India

CORO began with the aim to propagate adult literacy in the slums of Mumbai. It has grown into a grassroots organisation and managed by Scheduled Caste and Muslim women and men. They work for equality and justice, on issues such as women’s empowerment, defending the rights of the marginalised, improving livelihoods, accessing natural resources and […]


Swayam offers Direct Support Services to women survivors of violence including counselling, legal aid and advice, police follow up, vocational training and referrals for shelter and employment. They have a programme for Prevention Strategies to work on awareness building and public education by building creative resources, knowledge exchange, and capacity building. Through theatre, magazines, film […]

Equal Community Foundation

Equal Community Foundation that every boy in India should be raised to be gender equitable to prevent an emerging epidemic of violence. India has 230 million boys under the age of 18, who as adults are estimated to participate in and perpetuate violence against women. Their work is to create gender transformative programmes and interventions, […]