Vimochana Forum for Women’s Rights

Meaning liberation, Vimochana began as part of the women’s movement and went on to become a women’s collective working on the personal forms of violence perpetrated on women within the home and the outside, such as dowry tortures, murder, marital violence, rape, and larger political forms of violence. The primary focus is on the growing […]


Uninhibited works to destigmatise menstrual, sexual and reproductive health. Their work extends across 10 states in India, with 250000 marginalised menstruators. They provide training on menstrual health and hygiene and education, creating and enabling conversations to normalise menstruation with ‘PeriodShala’ and ‘The Period Fellowship’ to nurture talent in communities to sustain behaviour change for menstruators. […]


Umeed is a non-profit that promotes women’s empowerment by radically altering the mindset that exists within society. They work off the core values of love, hope and courage to empower women to strengthen progressive mindsets. They provide workshops to help women build skills that make them employable through eco-friendly handicrafts, create intensive awareness workshops that […]

The Gender Lab

The Gender Lab works to empower adolescents and youth to question existing gender narratives through critical and meaningful engagement with their communities.The Gender Lab Fellowship offers leadership skills, self awareness and ‘sisterhood’ through a service learning model. The idea is to amplify the voice and agency of young women by taking them through a self […]

Solidarity Foundation

The Solidarity Foundation’s work is to strengthen movements of gender/sexual minorities and sex workers and to shift the power in favour of these groups. They build grassroots collectives and leadership, livelihood initiatives, and spotlighting overlooked issues. A key part of their work is in strengthening institutions, building leadership, engaging in livelihood and wellbeing initiatives, and […]

Slam Out Loud

Slam Out Loud uses the power of performance and visual arts to help build creative confidence life skills like communication, critical thinking and empathy for children from disadvantaged communities. It is an initiative that provides art-based learning to children from at-risk communities facing socioeconomic, physical or emotional barriers to exploring the Arts. The Delhi-based organisation […]

Project Khel

Project Khel works with children between the ages of 8 and 18, including underprivileged children and school going children in low income schools, and offer age-appropriate and customised activities in the playground that are playful, fun and approachable which act as a safe learning space for children to open up and express themselves freely. They […]

Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research (PUKAR)

PUKAR is an independent research collective and knowledge producing institution that works on multi sectoral, transdisciplinary and community based action research on issues related to urbanization and globalisation. Located in Mumbai, they conduct research through the lens of marginalised youth and how they transform themselves and their communities. They work with Community Based Participatory Action […]

Monica Jha – Independent Journalist

Monica is an independent journalist based in Bengaluru, India. She writes on technology, development and gender and specializes in longform and multimedia stories. Her story on how technology is reshaping sex trafficking in rural Bengal won the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s Stop Slavery Media Award in 2020. In 2019, she won the Impact Journalism Grant for […]

Mithra Trust

Mithra provides mental health information and support in the manner of a trusted friend. It is a social enterprise focused on creating and providing safe spaces for reflective and expressive journeys for individuals, especially the queer community and survivors of sexual, physical, emotional and gender based violence. They offer ‘The Meh sessions’ for young people […]