People’s Archive of Rural India

The People’s Archive of Rural India is a multimedia digital space and archive and the only website wholly dedicated to rural India with its 833 million people and millions of other rural migrants in urban India.

Sadbhavna Trust

Strengthen women’s participation in active citizenship, making them participate in the running of institutions and administration and to integrate them into the democratic process by enhancing their competencies so they can join the mainstream.

South Asia Women Foundation India

SAWFIN supports and strengthens movements and initiatives led by women, girls, and trans and gender non-binary persons toward realising their constitutional rights, entitlements and freedoms to equality and non-discrimination.

Citizen Digital Foundation (CDF)

CDF is a non-profit fostering Information Literacy and Responsible Tech Innovation/Development, to maximise the benefits of technology while mitigating the harm, by structurally addressing wicked techno-social challenges.

Udbhav Vision Foundation

Udbhav Vision Foundation works for the holistic development of the Blind with a mission, “every blind and visually impaired has access to books”. We have successfully implemented more than 11 projects so far.

Breakthrough Trust

Breakthrough works with young people in schools and communities to mould gender norms and beliefs before they solidify into behaviour, thereby enabling a generational shift so that a culture of equality, dignity and justice can emerge. Why they are the right choice for others:

Apni Shala Foundation

Apni Shala

Apni Shala empowers schools to enable students’ wholesome development and foster a caring, equitable, and nurturing environment. The team works with government schools to implement a promotive and preventive school mental health framework.

Wildlife Conservation Trust

WCT believes that healthy natural ecosystems and engaged communities are the bedrock of economic growth. We work towards conserving India’s biodiversity for posterity and sustainable development of people that share their space with wild animals. Why they are the right choice for others:

The River Project

We are a collaborative of story tellers and riverine communities. We help document, archive and retell stories passed down through oral histories and different art forms in new ways. These are housed online and in living museums in the region.

Societal Thinking

Societal Thinking is an approach to reimagine and realise exponential social change, i.e., change that inspires more and rapid change. This systemic approach was developed through many Do-Think-Do cycles with change leaders across the globe. Why they are the right choice for others:

Sahjani Shiksha Kendra

Sahjani Shiksha Kendra

सहजनी शिक्षा केंद्र ,2002 में स्थापित एक नारीवादी संस्था है| जिसका मुख्य उद्देश्य साक्षरता और शिक्षा के जरिये स्थानीय और व्यापक सामाजिक मुद्दों की समझ बनाकर महिलाओं और किशोरियों के सशक्तीकरण पर काम करना है | Why they are the right choice for others:

Society for Aid in Development

Establish in 1997 it works as a network of registered and non registered small grassroot organizations based on Ambedkar’s philosophy of justice liberty equality fraternity network addressed the issue of Dalit’s structural marginalization.

The Yuva Ekta Foundation

Yuva Ekta Foundation

The Yuva Ekta Foundation is a not-for-profit trust that works at the intersection of Youth and Governance, spanning a canvas that seeks to integrate young people from different socio-economic backgrounds, using the Expressive Arts. The Yuva Ekta Foundation is a not-for-profit trust that works at the intersection of youth and governance, bringing young people from […]

We, The People Abhiyan

We, The People Abhiyan works to empower citizens to own, understand and practice constitutional values, rights, and responsibilities in their lives and communities. We facilitate in-depth training, dialogue events, training of trainers programmes and action projects involving diverse groups of citizens across India. We, The People Abhiyan, works to empower all citizens to own, understand […]

Zenith Society for Socio-Legal Empowerment

Zenith Society for Socio Legal Empowerment is a youth-led organisation based in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, working on grassroots and sociolegal empowerment for marginalised communities, rural and urban youth. They provide perspectives resources, and training of skills and tools of the law to tribal, Dalit and marginalised communities to empower them to identify and voice their […]


Yugantar is a 41 year old not-for-profit organisation working on issues of equity, development and democracy through research and advocacy towards impacting policy and implementation. They work to create in depth research on new perspectives to influence policy, and specific projects using technology directly with community based organisations. They work in areas of local governance, […]


Uninhibited works to destigmatise menstrual, sexual and reproductive health. Their work extends across 10 states in India, with 250000 marginalised menstruators. They provide training on menstrual health and hygiene and education, creating and enabling conversations to normalise menstruation with ‘PeriodShala’ and ‘The Period Fellowship’ to nurture talent in communities to sustain behaviour change for menstruators. […]

Prison Aid and Action Research

PAAR advocates for Open Prisons, a reformatory model that promotes life in a fullyfunctional social environment, focusing on reformation and re-integration instead of retributivepunishment. Their work includes research on prison manuals, court judgements, governmentnotifications, and field research on prison conditions. PAAR works closely with the High court,CMs office, Police Headquarters, and the Prison departments of […]


YuWaah, Generation Unlimited in India is being incubated by UNICEF to meet the urgent needs of expanding education, skill development and employment opportunities for young people across the world. By focusing on engagement, learning, skill development and employment of young people, YuWaah aims to support a generation of empowered, young change-makers in India. What excites […]

The Community Library Project

The Community Library Project believes all people should have access to books. They are a low-cost, people’s initiative that is committed to the work of building a movement for a publicly owned, free library system that is accessible to all. The project has 3 libraries in Delhi and Gurugram for 6000 children and adults, all […]

Synergy Sansthan

Synergy Sansthan grew from a view that despite being a large population in India, youth from rural and tribal communities are underrepresented in development agendas. The work began in madhya Pradesh, working for the rights of children, in Harda district where there began a platform for youth to develop their skills and potential to work […]

St. John’s Medical College Hospital (CBCI Society for Medical Education)

St John’s Medical College Hospital was an active part of the work against COVID-19, dealing with the surge with COVID care and beds during the years of the pandemic. They provided hospital beds and ICU beds and ventilatory support, and also ensured quality personal protective equipment, sanitisers, oxygens, masks and tubing for HFNC. They were […]

Sanghamithra Rural Financial Services

Sanghamitra Rural Financial Services is a microfinance institute, supported by NABARD and SIDBI and commercial banks like State Bank of India, Canara Bank, and Water Credit Investment Fund of USA. SRFS works in rural and backward areas of India with a special focus on social and health issues such as those of HIV/AIDS, sex work, […]

Rootbridge Services Private Limited

Rootbridge Services work on understanding sectoral nuances in donor data to craft fundraising plans for organisations and their goals and objectives, keeping in mind the attrition of the donor life cycle and helping build relationships to retain donor relationships. They act as a conduit for nonprofit organisations to access the contribution of citizens. Their work […]

Project Potential

Project Potential is aimed towards a movement of self-empowered community leaders and change-makers working on sustainable rural development. They work on a number of programmes that focus on different sectors. eArth Kala Manch works to create an art and theatre team in every panchayat of rural India, creating awareness on topics of malnutrition, unemployment, education […]


Nyayika is a chain of multispecialty law centres that offer affordable professional legal services to the needy, with a tag line Atpatu banave sahelu which is the belief that legal procedures need to be demystified and simplified for users seeking redressal in the legal system. They are run by the IDEAL Foundation for Social and […]


Nyaaya is an open access, digital resource that provides simple, actionable, recallableand authoritative legal information to young Indians, helping them solve day-to-day legalproblems so that they are aware of their rights and feel empowered to seek justice. An initiativeof Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Nyaaya provides comprehensive information on various legaltopics, helping everyone understand and […]

Newsreel Asia

Newsreel Asia is an OTT news platform that works on storytelling in the form of docuseries, podcasts, longform audio and video stories. Their focus is to tell stories from a humanitarian perspective and with empathy, covering issues on governance, economy, and democracy with a independent editorial policy. They run ‘Mapping India’, a mega-docuseries portraying the […]

Monica Jha – Independent Journalist

Monica is an independent journalist based in Bengaluru, India. She writes on technology, development and gender and specializes in longform and multimedia stories. Her story on how technology is reshaping sex trafficking in rural Bengal won the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s Stop Slavery Media Award in 2020. In 2019, she won the Impact Journalism Grant for […]

Make A Difference

Make a Difference

Make a Difference offers community-powered social protection for vulnerable children and makes age appropriate interventions to enable them to break out of poverty within a generation. They provide individual care and attention and protection, starting with the age group of 10-13 years, hoping all children can have a reasonable quality of life without suffering and […]

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (KSV) provides free education in academics and performing arts to socio-economically disadvantaged children. In addition to schooling, KSV also provides food, accommodation and healthcare. Why are they the right choice for others:

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

ICRW is a global research institute that creates research evidence to understand what affects the ability of women to contribute and fully participate in society, socially and economically, using insights to create paths of action. They believe that women and girls in collaboration with men and boys can provide solutions to poverty alleviation. ICRW works […]

Digital Empowerment Foundation

DEF has worked since 2002 towards empowering people in rural India where the vast majorityof Indians live, to help them gain access to healthcare, education, skills and livelihoodopportunities through digital literacy and tools. They make technology accessible to women,youth, the elderly and persons with disabilities. They work to provide digital literacy, medialiteracy and digital upskilling […]



CEHAT is an interface between progressive people’s movements and academia, conducting rigorous academic health research that is socially relevant, and working on advocacy and welfare projects. They use their work to establish direct services and programmes that can demonstrate how health can be made accessible, ethical and equitable. A multidisciplinary team, they offer courses and […]

Centre for Law & Policy Research


CLPR uses a multidisciplinary approach towards public interest intervention and legal research through a independent analysis of the law. The idea is to better equip citizens to evaluate their own sociopolitical contexts and improve access to justice to marginalised groups — done through academic publications, public engagements, workshops and courses. Their work includes social engagement […]

Common Purpose

Common Purpose works with leaders to help develop their ability to bridge boundaries, across generations, geographies, sectors and beliefs. They offer in person and online programmes — courses, seminars, conferences, presentations and meetings — to government officials, heads of organisations, NGOs and students, and representatives from private entities. To these leaders, they train them in […]

Counter Media Trust


PARI is a live journal and archive of India’s rural countryside, documenting its diverse languages, arts, craft, culture and practices. They produce a database of published stories, reports, videos and audios from sources around the country via a Creative Commons model. This model is curated and recorded on the Pari website, while respecting the ownership […]

Gram Vaani

Gram Vaani enables communities to use technologies and share information that can equip them to bring positive changes in their lives. They form participatory networks by identifying partners and community volunteers who can facilitate awareness and behaviour change, highlight local issues and work on grievance redressal. With their help, they mobilise the target communities to […]


Haqdarshak builds systems to support welfare delivery service to the last mile. The Indian government spends over 7% of its GDP on welfare services but there is a gap in demand and supply and enormous unspent funds due to information asymmetry, accessibility and mobility issues, and low levels of literacy. Haqdarshak creates technology that digitises […]

IDIA Charitable Trust

IDIA started out as a student run movement in 2010. Now a registered trust, it DIA strives to provide access to quality legal information and education to underprivileged and under-represented communities with the aim of empowering them to help themselves and their communities. It runs with 600+ volunteers from leading law universities in India, who […]

Indians for Amnesty International Trust

Amnesty International India was a country unit of the Amnesty International network, and was part of a global movement promoting and defending human rights and dignity. In September 2020, Amnesty halted its operations in the country after all bank accounts of the organization were frozen. The organization wished to built a human-rights friendly world by […]

Bhansali Trust

Bhansali Trust

Founded nearly half a century ago, the NGO works in the fields of medicine, education, income generation, de-addiction and socioeconomic issues in districts of Gujarat and Orissa. Since 2015, they have initiatives a project to work with the Mushar community Gaya, Bihar. This project works with 525 villages to provide good education to the community, […]

Adivasi Lives Matter by Prayog Samaj Seva Sanstha

Adivasi Lives Matter is a platform that works toward amplifying Adivasi and Tribal voices of India. The initiative was started in 2016 so that Adivasi/Tribal youth and individuals can create articles and videos highlighting their lives and culture. In the last two years, ALM has trained around 150 youths in the art of digital storytelling. […]


iProbono enables organisations and citizens to network directly with people around the world who have the legal ability and drive to help them with legal matters. It enables people to access their rights by representing them with probono legal assistance. iProbono creates a network of lawyers to NGOs, charities, social enterprises, organisations, and the lawyers […]

The YP Foundation

The YP Foundation is a youth-led organisation that facilitates young persons’ feminist and rights-based leadership. Their work is especially in the area of health equity, gender justice, sexuality rights and social justice. They implement direct youth-led and engaging programmes to ensure access to information, services and rights, in areas such as abortion, sexuality education, queer […]

Aman Biradari Trust

Aman Biradari is a people’s campaign that works to bring about such a secular and just India by building local level institutions to strengthen mutual bonds of tolerance. They include youth and women from diverse backgrounds and faith to foster fraternity, respect and peace between people of different religions, caste and language groups, providing livelihood […]


Haiyya is a youth-led campaign building and community organizing focused organization that enables, supports and accelerates individual and collective leadership of youth to make a difference through real time community-led actions. Why are they the right choice for others:   


Goonj was founded in 1999. It uses a sustainable economic model for managing poverty by using urban surplus material as a tool to alleviate financial poverty and enhance the dignity of people and communities that are financially impoverished in India. Waste or surplus is mobilized to motivate civic participation in urban and rural communities. Over […]

CORO India

CORO began with the aim to propagate adult literacy in the slums of Mumbai. It has grown into a grassroots organisation and managed by Scheduled Caste and Muslim women and men. They work for equality and justice, on issues such as women’s empowerment, defending the rights of the marginalised, improving livelihoods, accessing natural resources and […]