Yugantar is a 41 year old not-for-profit organisation working on issues of equity, development and democracy through research and advocacy towards impacting policy and implementation. They work to create in depth research on new perspectives to influence policy, and specific projects using technology directly with community based organisations. They work in areas of local governance, […]

Wildlife Trust of India

Wildlife Trust of India was formed in response to crises in India’s wildlife and wild habitats. In the past three decades, they have set up 40 conservation projects across 23 states from Kashmir to Kerala. They are driven by 9 core ideas: wild rescue, species recovery, conflict mitigation, right of passage, enforcement and law, wild […]

PRS Legislative Research

PRS Legislative is an independent research institute working to make legislative processes better informed, more transparent and participatory. In India, legislators who make laws on behalf of citizens and allocate public funds to national priorities, are not provided with research personnel. PRS bridges this gap by providing high quality independent research to help legislators understand […]

Ranga Shankara

Ranga Shankara was built to honour actor Shankar Nag’s dream of creating a vibrant,affordable space for the theatre community — both audiences and theatre makers. It wasopened in 2004 and has grown into a nerve centre for performance, a cultural institutiondedicated to theatre and theatre arts. RS showcases performances from India and abroad,commissions and produces […]

Reap Benefit

Dedicated to collective action, this platform encourages and nurtures young people withthe knowledge and tools they need to grow up into active citizens called Solve Ninjas. Itsprograms and events cover schools, colleges, and communities, and include awareness andcapacity-building workshops, co-design sessions, technical and technological support, andnetworking and convening for collaborative problem-solving. Solutions designed by communityproblem […]

Rest of my Family

Rest of my family’ is a travel-based, not-for-profit, social-work-through-art organization. Their mission is to spread awareness about what they consider the ill-effects of a paradigm based on selfish competition. They make documentaries, collaborate over art, and work on community development projects to seek alternative modes of community living and mutual cooperation. The idea is to […]


Sahjeevan supports marginalised communities in the area of Kachchh in reviving theirtraditional ecological knowledge systems to strengthen their livelihoods. Over 25 years, theyhave interfaced with local governance, communities, and the region in biodiversity and watersystem conservation, revitalising pastoralism and promoting indigenous livestock breedingpractices and strengthening resilience through rain-fed agriculture. Their focus on conservationand management of […]

Science Gallery Bengaluru

Science Gallery Bengaluru is a not for profit public institution for research-based engagement for young adults. Their work is at the interface of the natural, human, social sciences, engineering and art, and the work is conducted through exhibitions, mentorship programmes and a Public Lab Complex. SGB began with support from the Government of India and […]

Technology for Wildlife Foundation

Technology for Wildlife Foundation’s mission is to amplify conservation impact through the use of appropriate technology. They work via their experience and knowledge, extensive research and inclusive stakeholder consultations.They acquire conservation relevant data from satellite and field work and a fleet of aerial and underwater robots, and then integrate, simplify and visualise data to aid […]

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)

A national education institution that focuses on human settlements’ just, sustainable and efficient transformation. It does so through the creation and application of knowledge to ensure equality.IIHS is a national educational institution that focuses on creating research and knowledge to deal with urbanisation in India in the 21st century, and to transform the nature of […]